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What we do

Connecting mind and message

Our perception of the world is defined by cultural conditioning and expectations. As a result, we make our minds up about what we see in the blink of a eye.

Our brains are genetically more adept at interpreting images than words, that is why we rely heavily on our visual sense in our everyday lives. Visual signals allow us to process information  quickly – a red triangle means danger and a green light means go. We know that the baker is white and the chimney sweep is black. Visual clichés make our lives simpler because we instantly recognize their meaning, but when visual appearance clash with our expectations we tend to respond with confusion. Ask yourself why police uniforms are not pink.

Design is not decoration, but strategic choices made with regard to the tone of voice in our communications. Visual properties stimulate our emotional system which to a great extent govern our lives, and by leveraging the potential in tacit expectations we can communicate efficiently and allow our point to settle in the mind.