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Sviggum Design & Kommunikasjon AS – Sogndal

Sviggum delivers insights, strategy and digital marketing solutions.

Bridge the gap between message and action by understanding customer expectations at all points of the customer journey. Every interaction is an opportunity to delight or disappoint and should be carefully managed as such.

Services: Marketing Strategy • Programmatic advertising • Communications • Websites • Video ads

sample projects:

Perception is defined by cultural conditioning and expectations.  

Our brains interpret images faster than words. That is why we rely heavily on our visual sense our everyday lives. Visual signals allow us to process information quickly – a red triangle for danger and a green light for go. Heuristics and biases make our lives simpler because we simply don’t have the time to process everything mentally, but when signals clash with expectations we respond with distrust. Ask yourself why police cars are not pink, or why engine oil and wine have disparate packaging styles.

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